Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 2010

Cris and Alex at a friend's birthday reunion. Shot on old fomapan, iso 200, available light, a 60w light bulb.

Monday, January 04, 2010

There's something about Manhattan...

Treat a boring day, a day which you spend with enormous lack of imagination, with a film. Take Manhattan for example, even though you've seen it before, this time it fits perfect on the situation. Well, you push play and your eyes see these incredible black and white pictures, little moving-picture postcards. Atmospheric gray shots, each with its own story, snowy streets drowned in evening lights, seen from the point of view of a puppy. Everything has a light taste of poetry, from New York's immense buildings seen by night, billboards and street signs that hurt your eyes, fireworks electrocuting the entire sky, leaving light dust behind. Rich blacks, slightly underexposed interiors where characters affected maybe by the city they live in, have endless conversations on a variation of topics, making no point at the end. Simple, beautiful compositions, shots where only highlights guide you through and help you follow the actors inside it. If I wouldn't be writing about a Woody Allen film, I would make a reference about the music played in the background, saying it's so..Woody Allen. Cinematography's so intimate, matching the story and the relation(ship)s between characters. Besides the way Gordon Willis handled photography, I love the fact that there's a joke or reference every step of the conversation, not just common humor, but sometimes sad or (auto)ironical and you find yourself laughing. Too bad that this 2.35:1 film can only be seen on a laptop.
Two things to mention before I stop writing, Diane Keaton made me think of Julie Delpy's character in Before Sunset, and second, Meryl Streep looked incredible, I'm just curious why Allen cast her for this part, not taking into consideration her acting talent.
Enjoy if you end up watching it!