Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Red hair, harsh shadows

What I'm gonna post on my blog on a period of time is a series of photographs taken in one photo shoot, with my new model (thanks by the way :), in different keys of light. I chose one of my good friends to be the model for these pictures for she she knows how to act and pose and also for her short red hair at that time. The hard light & harsh shadows and the "mechanical" pose in some back lit shots came from expressionist movies, though I didn't mean to get the expressionistic feel. I'm beginning with ..uh mm...portraits, my favorite from this photo shoot and in general. I expect any kind of feedback. Enjoy! :)


Catalin Oprea said...

You done well playing with the light ;). Keep up shooting, what can I say more, maybe congratulations for your new camera.

About the way, what camera / model did you use ?

irocheez said...

lasand la o parte faptul ca mi-a placut sa scriu postul in engleza, raspund in romana :).

ah, nikonul meu are 2 ani... ar fi cam asa: nikon D70s, 2 obiective: 18-70mm si 55-200mm.

mersi de vizita!