Friday, August 06, 2010


Have some guts this summer, get to die for tickets quickly and don't miss on the biggest urban happening.

I'm gonna freeze some guys up in the air during the skateboarding competition, while they do their tricks and make you envious about how cool they are.
Besides the coolness of this festival,
Heroes can be proud of taking place in one of the biggest skate parks you can find in Eastern Europe. Someone will get his hands on a 5000€ cash prize on the BMX competition that will gather 12 professional riders. Urban artists show off with their originality and style and there will be plenty of it: 12 crews, each with 5 writers.
Street artist will have their say. Skate park as an art gallery. Artists that are not bound to the classical working space will attend and make Youth Park a place of unconventional art.
And then again, there's dancing. Street dancing that is, with 10 crews, duet and solo performers. Film lovers don't get to complain, as "In search of the Miraculous" composed by Pontus Alv will be launched there and will give you some insights on what urban lifestyle means.

Heroes that will be delighted to give a courageous performance are: Dub FX and band, up to 8 members on stage, Chase and Status together with MC Rage, Borgore, Dropdread, Gojira, DJ Hype.

No need to tell you more. This is the place to take lessons on urban culture.

Street Heroes, only a click away.
3 days, 12-14th August, Youth Park, Bucharest.
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